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Video week day 4; distribution

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Distribution of content is one of the most potentially overwhelming areas of video creation. Many people talk about content overload in today's information economy, but information distribution is an equal challenge. Putting content in front of the largest potential audience takes time and energy.

Picture 16.pngFortunately for us, services like TubeMogul exist to help ease the burden. TubeMogul allows you to upload one file, one title, one description and one set of tags and feed them out to 12+ different video sites with one click. This process used to take me hours to complete, going to each video site, uploading the file and entering the information.

855FB664-CE29-434D-AEFC-1D661EB49595.jpgWhen you're creating video content, alternate distribution points should be on your mind. I use a podcast file hosting service called Libsyn to host my video files and create the podcast RSS feed that I use with my iTunes podcast (feel free to subscribe).

Finally, I upload the video into Facebook. This hits my friends and peers that use the service to keep track of what I have going on. More and more commentary has been coming back through Facebook over the past couple of months.

Other video hosting opportunities abound in different niche sites out there. Everyone is looking for quality content and you should be looking for quality editors.

Previous topics:

Upcoming topics include:

  • Thursday: How and where I distribute the videos
  • Friday: Reader questions

And remember, tomorrow I will answer any questions that you have. To stay in the theme of the week it would be excellent if you provided your questions in video (either on Facebook or on YouTube) and I will edit them in. I will, as always, accept any questions you have by email or by commenting on this post.

So start thinking and let me know what's on your mind. I can't wait to hear from you!

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