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Best search tool for Twitter? No surprise, it's Summize

Picture 4.pngUPDATE: On July 14th Summize was purchased by Twitter for around $15 million.

There are a number of Twitter conversation search engines out there and I have tried nearly all of them. When I came across Summize a while back I approached it with a few key evaluation criteria in mind for what makes a great Twitter search engine:

  1. Real time polling for new tweets
  2. Logical tie-ins to Twitter (send to Twitter, links back to messages, etc.)
  3. RSS subscriptions
  4. Good up-time (not hard to do compared to Twitter itself)

Summize scores an A+ for all of these options. The RSS subscription option is crucial to me and is an easy way to start listening to the conversations around you, your brand, your company and competitors. Here is a video walk through so you know what Summize is capable of.

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Key takeaways:

  • Easy to use service, lowers barriers to setup keyword monitoring
  • Reliable results updated in real time lessen the risk that you miss something
  • Easily digestible if you subscribe to each keyword's RSS feed

Head over to Summize today and enter your company, your name, your Twitter username, your competitors and your industry and see what comes up. Chances are somebody is talking about you. If they're not, you should do something about it.

What other Twitter tools do you use on a daily/weekly basis? Drop me an email or leave a comment.

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