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Facebook's DIY ad targeting explained

facebook_logo.jpgEver time that I show somebody what is possible with Facebook's advertising system, they immediately see the future of advertising. Facebook allows marketers to create ads that are extremely targeted to a unique, specific audience. The ads are pay-per-click so you only pay when somebody is interested enough to engage with you through a click.

In the example I go through in the video (which you can see in the image below) I show you the full range of targeting capabilities within Facebook. While it is very robust, there are some missing elements including ethnicity. Though you may not be able to target the exact individual you are looking for, you can use interests and keywords to achieve the same result.

Here is an Inside//Out look at Facebook's advertising system:

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Here is the screen capture from the video.

Picture 23.png

Picture 22.pngSo what does this look like when done right? Here is a good example that I saw today when I logged in to Facebook. The ad to the right is promoting a Chris Brogan "Twebinar" that is hosted by Radian 6. The ad is targeted to my interests, the headline caught my eye and I recognized Chris' headshot immediately. I clicked through to the Twebinar in short order.

Key Takeaways:

  • Micro-targeting your audience using these services is easier than ever
  • Determine how you can target people directly with ads as well as using meta data to reach them indirectly (for example reaching people who watch Monday Night Football to target football fans)
  • Ads that speak to the audience with the right message at the right time are highly effective
  • The prevalence of broad, un-targeted advertising inside social networks is nearing an end
  • Invasive ads like Facebook's social ads should be used sparingly if at all (there is too much risk at this point)

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