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Launched: MyVegas

Launched is a new series that I am doing to highlight practitioners who are using social media in consumer and B2B campaigns. The goal here is to show you what companies are doing out there, no theory or rhetoric, just real world examples of social media in action.

This edition features a private, branded social network for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority called MyVegas. The campaign comes from the folks at Critical Mass in Chicago and is a great example of creating a social utility around an experience. The site also does a great job of adding value to the user experience by making trip planning something fun. The RSVP (Really Simple Vegas Planner) boils down hours of frustrating phone calls and website visits into one fun, interactive tool. The site also allows for users to customize the look and feel as well as invite friends (or "entourage" as they call it) to partake in the planning.

Here is a quick video overview:

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Key takeaways:

  • Creating a private social network isn't for everybody, this works because it centers around an experience and it adds value to the user
  • The look and feel and copy writing are very much in tune with the Vegas theme and convey the attitude they're looking for
  • Fun and interactive elements add value by simplifying a very complex and laborious process into a couple of easy steps
  • The site uses the social elements of a network to connect people around the theme and make the planning experience better
  • I'd love to see more takeaways (applications or widgets) from the site that I could use on other networks like Facebook and Twitter

Overall this is a great example of how to do this type of branded network the right way. If you are launching a new site, application, widget or campaign let me know and I may feature it in an upcoming Launched post.

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