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Interview with the UN's Jean-Marc Coicaud

WeMedia Miami

wm_logo.gifToday and tomorrow I am attending the WeMedia Conference in Miami. Despite yesterday's massive power outage it's been great to escape the snowy confines of Cleveland.

I'll be updating this post throughout the day today as events unfold. I'll be interviewing people on video and Twittering as well.

Print is dead:
Roger Black and Jeff Gomez - A good session from Roger and Jeff with a focus on where media is going. Basically, the content is king and the medium of delivery will adapt to the user's needs. A major question that was posed was "if print is dead, who killed it?". What are your thoughts?

This is a great piece of research that was mentioned in the session from Zogby.

Print reincarnated
Richard Sarnoff and William Weiss - Following up on the first session, Richard and William add to the agnostic approach publishers need to take with media formats. Sticking to print books will not work. Publishers cannot be paperback or hardcover, they need to offer the content in the ways that people want to consume them. Some of those delivery formats may not even exist yet. They're of the opinion that the publishing business will move primarily to digital in the next 5 years.

The power to change the world
Tons of great thinking in this session as well. More focus on the relationship of mainstream news gatekeepers and new media outlets. Added focus on how the two interoperate.

Quote of the session:
"The revolution may not be televised, but it will be uploaded" - The Reverend Lennox Yearwood Jr.

Political World - Hype vs. Reality
Lead by Brian Reich, author of "Media Rules".

Key takeaways:

  • Emergence of social networks as an enabler
  • Technology as a driver to participation
  • Using mobile to organize people on the ground at the grassroots level
  • MTV Street team has a reporter in each state plus D.C. to cover what is happening
  • Traditional media is branching out to use new formats, but is it the same information?
  • Bloggers are starting to get the access traditionally held for traditional journalists
  • "Campaigns use what works" -- traditional media is still holding strong
  • New outlets are releasing new information in new ways to keep tabs on politicians
  • More informal organizations are taking on issues that are normally handled by large organizations
  • Supporters who "get" new media can lead the campaigns who take credit for the innovations
  • How do you recognize a person's interest and then allow them to participate in the way they want and not read the campaign's script?

Pitch it
This session is for entrepreneurs to pitch their project to a panel of VC and upper level marketing folks.

Key takeaways:

  • Presentations range in level of preparedness and energy; low prep could be overcome with energy, but low energy is a killer
  • Knowing the lingo helps keep the energy positive; look for a VC to get up to speed on the common terms
  • Know who your decision makers are and cater to them; eye contact and delivery are key
  • Be fluid in your ideas and listen for cues from the advisor; too many people sticking to the wrong guns

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