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iStock_000001943264XSmall.jpgAs many of you know, I am in a new job in 2008. One of the reasons that I was sought out for this role is that I actually do the things that a lot of people just talk about. By that I mean blogging, podcasting, social networking, video, tagging, etc. It's a great feeling to have intimate working knowledge of the tools you need to succeed in the world of new marketing.

Part of the process that I embarked on a while back was putting my résumé together. Now, the normal stance on résumés is a one page, standard template. That leaves little room for your experience and involvement in the industry.

I took a slightly different approach that I would like to share with you. The first page of the résumé is pretty standard issue. My 'About Me' paragraph is a little more relaxed than you may see somewhere else, but that is what I wanted to portray. The other information is really straight forward as you would expect.

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This, however, is where I broke away from the 'best practices' for résumés and looked for the right practices. I wanted to showcase the effort and breadth of my experience, so I added a second page with the heading "Social Media". Here I list this blog, MarketingProfs Daily Fix and the other communities where I am actively involved.

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Each of these links (some I shortened with TinyURLs) paints a larger picture of who I am and what I have a passion for. Want to know what I read? Check out my page. Get a feel for what I am like in person through the videos I do. It's all there and there is nothing to hide. Walking in the door you know what you're going to get.

I highly encourage you to share what you do. Don't limit yourself to the one pager especially if you are going for a job in pr, advertising or digital. When other people are listing that they know Word and Powerpoint (is this really necessary any more people?), you will be listing your participation in the conversation. I hope this inspires you to think outside the one page résumé to showcase your talents in the light they deserve.

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