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Whiteboard//Session: What is RSS?

rss-icon.jpgDon't you hate when a new acronym arrives on the scene? RSS is a term that is confusing to most non-technical people, but when you break it down it's very simple. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

This is also the first video that I am doing in association with the great folks at MarketingProfs. My goal is to reach as many marketers as possible to evangelize new media and demystify technology. MarketingProfs provides an outstanding platform to do this. You'll notice the new title screens on these videos and you can look for more in the coming weeks and months. Also, Ann Handley informed me that I have the distinction of being the first person (not clipart/stock photo) to grace the home page of MarketingProfs. I am really honored!

Key takeaways:

  • It really is simple
  • RSS allows news to be delivered in near real-time
  • Eliminates the need to go out to sites to see what's new or changed
  • RSS drives blog feeds and podcasts (video and audio)
  • RSS readers aggregate multiple feeds in chronological order to make consumption easier

If you have any topics or technobabble that you would like to see me cover, drop me an email or leave a comment!

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