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Buzz Friday for September 21, 2007

Meeting of the minds (and they let me hang out too)

Blogger LunchYesterday I had the pleasure of meeting some of my blogging heros in person. This is something that I've done before with other groups of friends and this experience was equally powerful. I was able to spend an afternoon with David Armano, Herb Sawyer, Rohit Bhargava and Noah Brier as they were giving a presentation at PROMO Live in Chicago.

The funny thing about meeting people in person after engaging with them in the blogosphere is you have a relationship you instantly pick up on. There is no awkward introduction or uncomfortable pauses. You almost know how they'll sound through their "blog voice" and you have a ton of ideas to chat about, experiences to share and learning to do. Each of the guys pictured above were gracious, humble and smart as hell.

Their presentation is embedded below. Each came at the same topic in a unique way. Enjoy!

This applies to companies who decide a blog is a strategic way to connect with customers. You create a dialog online that translates instantly offline. You have a connection that is deep and personal (if done right), but on the other hand a misstep could have more dmaging, long-term impact.

A blog's not right for everyone. You have to:

  • Have something to say
  • Want to say it
  • Say it often and uniquely
  • Say it in your own voice
  • Want to listen
  • Actually listen (active listening)
  • Respond proactively with the customer in mind

Who would you like to meet that you've interacted with? Have you met people offline and found the same connections?

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