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First//Look: Pownce (alpha)

pownce.jpgThe newest venture from Silicon Valley entrepreneur Kevin Rose (Digg CEO, Revision3, etc.) is the much hyped Pownce. To date it's been billed as everything from a Twitter killer to an email and instant messenger replacement. I Pownce here (Thanks to Jim Kukral for the invite).

The product is still in Alpha (meaning it's fairly unstable and in active development), but let's take a first look.

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Items of note on Pownce (alpha):

  • Not overly impressive at this point, but shows strong potential as a communications platform
  • Not a Twitter-killer until mobile hooks are put into place
  • Easy to put contacts into groups to streamline communication
  • Reliability will improve as the product goes into beta and then launches
  • Nice use of Adobe's AIR framework to make install easy and application response good
  • Enhanced messaging makes communicating easily

I'll follow Pownce as it moves into beta (mostly stable, minimum active development) to see how it unfolds. Look for new communications tools to emerge along this line in the next 6 months as more people try to invent the killer app.

If you know of a site or service you'd like to see me review let me know by email or in the comments here.

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