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Buzz Friday for June 1, 2007

Hey bloggers, wanna get social?

BS08.pngIn the past I've had the great fortune to personally meet the people behind some really great blogs. That experience is among the most powerful I've had in my time blogging here at Techno//Marketer.

This power of personal connection led CK and Drew McLellan to have an idea. What if there was an event for bloggers centered around being social? Not around keynotes and breakout sessions. They came up with the core ideas for Blogger Social '08. The idea of this weekend gathering is to get marketing bloggers together in one place at one time and let them get to know one another.

Per CK:

The thinking is to descend upon a designated city with a weekend full of events where the only thing on the agenda is that there really isn't an agenda--just a series of events designed around getting to know one another. Better still, there would be plenty of free time in-between the handful of (amazing!) events for everyone to make time to meet with the people they want face-to-face and one-on-one time with.

And that's when Drew said, "Well, when do we do it?" This is what I love about Drew, he goes right into action-point mode. Ah, a man after my own action points. So the idea behind 'Blogger Social' was born.

What we're brainstorming is 3 main events over a weekend: think a casual party on Friday night (from 7p - 1a), a big BBQ or ride on a boat around the city on Saturday afternoon (from 12p - 3p) and an absolutely fantastic GALA (!) event on Saturday evening that goes from dusk well into dawn.

So bring jeans, shorts and a cute little black number (and females should also bring a cute little black number ;-). But please leave your computer at home (or in your hotel room). Because this weekend...for one especially social weekend...we don't type, we talk. More important, we laugh. A lot.

If you are interested in this event, please take five minutes to head over to a survey and share your opinion (thanks to Cam for setting this up).

This is a fantastic way to get to know people on a personal level. Bonds are formed very quickly I assure you plus bloggers are cool. What more do you need? Feel free to copy this logo (Luc from MindBlog did a great job on it) and promote it yourself. Let's get social!

Mark Goren will be there. So will CK, Drew and Cam. Will you?

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