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Caught in a meme cross-fire

thinkingblogger2ql6_2.jpgBoy oh boy was I delighted to be nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award by two bloggers I highly respect. Mark Goren and David Reich both nominated this blog (memes are hard to track). First off, if you have not read their blogs you need to. These guys not only get it, but they are both great marketing storytellers.

The origin of this award goes back to Ilka Yoldas' "Five blogs that make me think" post. Since then it's criss-crossed the web and finally landed here.

To hold up my part of the bargain, here are five blogs that make me think every day. (Note that I may catch somebody here in the cross-fire as well.)

  • David Arnamo - Logic + Emotion - David has quickly risen to blog stardom through excellent writing and thinking. His use of diagrams and illustrations make difficult concepts easy to understand.
  • Iain Tait - CrackUnit - I've mentioned Iain before, but I really love how he writes and how he tells the story.
  • David Berkowitz - Inside the Marketing Studio - David writes an amazing blog and has a unique take on the search industry and how it impacts marketing.
  • Becky Carroll - Customers Rock! - Becky's posts are always engaging and informative. She's a must read for marketing folks.
  • Paul McEnany - HeeHaw Marketing - Paul has a very authentic voice and he tells it how it is. If you're looking for somebody nods along with the same-old-same-old this blog is not for you.

Those are my five. There are many other blogs that I follow that make me think, but as far as I can tell they've been nominated before. Check em out.

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