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Buzz Friday for June 22, 2007

more-buzz.jpgHere is a look at what is happening across a couple of sites I keep an eye on. I am refining this post over time, so if there is anything you would like me to add just email me or leave a comment. Similarly, if you have something you think is Buzz Friday worthy let me know and I'll look it over for inclusion.

[Note: The audio this week should be noticeably better for you. Let me know if anybody has trouble hearing it.]

Feed readers can see the video here.

Here are all of the items that I think are interesting this week:

  • One week until iPhone drops. Prepare for the madness and get in line now.
  • YouTube will launch on the iPhone. Like to see their data plan rates before I get too excited about this one.
  • Yahoo had a leadership change this week as they keep falling further behind Google. Will it help?
  • I love this post from Seth Godin. He shifts our thinking of most people about blogging. What if you had just one post, but refined it until you were the expert on your subject?
  • Microsoft is paying attention to social media. A Zune fan got two tattoos promoting the device and MS is having him out to Redmond to meet the Zune team. Nice job MS.

  • Pier 1 is dropping e-commerce from its site to turn it into a corporate marketing piece. WHAT?! They were doing around $18.9 million, but managed to lose money. Sounds like bad implementation to me.
  • Steve Rubel has a great piece about the future of PR. It's participating, not pitching.
  • Mark Goren has a great post about what we make. The video he uses is a must see if you are or know of a teacher of anything.
  • Cool things always happen in London. Here are a couple of shopping examples. Ralph Lauren has a touch-sensitive window and the music group The Chemical Brothers took over a storefront to promote a new album.
  • More Yahoo rumors in the wake of the CEO switch. Will they buy Bebo? Somebody will and the other major viable option seems to be cost-prohibitive.
  • Want to know how big YouTube is getting? They're about to pass the BBC in visits in the UK. That's huge!
  • crayon is hosting a virtual branding summit in Second Life. Check out this post if you are interested.
  • Person-to-person lending is taking off as the user base of sites like MySpace and Facebook grow. Prosper and Lending Club are getting investment dollars and having some success.
  • Vodaphone created a media roadblock the other day in the UK as it took over web, cable, satellite and terrestrial channels to run their ad. That had to cost a pretty penny.
  • Patrick at Lonely Marketer has a great look at what analytics you should be looking at and why. This is a great post as it clarifies what you need to know.
  • Ning lets you embed a social network in another social network. There is lots of potential here and you can expect to see this happen more and more.

Quick look at iPhone blog buzz

iPhone has taken over the buzz from most other mobile devices. Here is a graph tracking blog mentions between iPhone, Razr and Blackberry.

Top 10 Technorati Searches

  1. youtube
  2. ron paul
  3. myspace
  4. noelia
  5. dailymotion
  6. bebo
  7. iphone
  8. paris hilton
  9. facebook
  10. videos

Top Five Web2.0 Movers of the Week (using Alexa data)

  1. Kaboodle
  2. Fotolia
  3. Wikia
  4. Snap
  5. CrazyEgg


Top Ten Marketing Blogs from Viral Garden - No changes this week

  1. Seth's Blog
  2. Creating Passionate Users
  3. Gaping Void
  4. Logic + Emotion
  5. Duct Tape Marketing
  6. Daily Fix
  7. Converstations
  8. Drew's Marketing Minute
  9. The Viral Garden
  10. Jaffe Juice

View the top full top 25

Top Ten Marketing Blogs from Todd And - New to Buzz Friday

  1. Seth Godin
  2. tompeters!
  3. Micro Persuasion
  4. Online Marketing Blog
  5. Adrants
  6. Pronet Advertising
  7. SEOMoz Blog
  8. Duct Tape Marketing
  9. Marketing Pilgrim
  10. adgoodness

View the full list here

Top 5 "Viral" Videos This Week

  1. Paul singing opera
  2. Prometeus - the media revolution
  3. Britain's got talent - Conny
  4. Microsoft surface parody
  5. Dramatic look


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