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Drew McLellan (Drew's Marketing Minute) and Gavin Heaton (Servant of Chaos), two bloggers whom I greatly admire, are starting a conversation. Their idea, of which I am now a part of, is to have bloggers from all over the world contribute one page to a 100 page e-book. The proceeds of the book will go 100% to charity and the conversations it will create will spark new ideas and discussion.

conversationage_2.jpgIf you're a blogger and are interested in writing for the e-book, click the image to the left and let Drew know by April 11. Material is due back to him by April 30th. Some bloggers I have met are already signed up like CK, Valeria and Mark. Other bloggers whom I greatly admire are on the list as well as some new faces. It's an honor to be included. The topics are not limited to business/marketing, anything can create a conversation. Here is more about this terrific idea:

  • 100 authors. We're a few but need more.
  • The overriding topic is "The Conversation Age" -- where you take it is up to you.
  • The items are short - one 8.5" x 11" page -- it can be words, diagrams, photos (again up to you) If it is words - about 400, give or take a couple.
  • We write it quickly and get it out there. We publish electronically.
  • We make it available online for a small fee and we donate 100% of the proceeds to Variety the Children's Charity -- which serves children across the entire globe.

Here are the contributors to date:

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