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Google is stalking me...I kinda like it

google_blinds.jpgI'm not a complete Google fanboy, but I do respect the company and what they do. I also happen to use a lot of their products. As news rolls in about the company's recent acquisitions (most notably YouTube and Doubleclick) I wanted to come up with a format to show you just how pervasive Google is becoming.

So come on. Take a trip with me through my day with Google.

545.jpg clock_small.jpg5:45am: Ugh. The day starts to my blaring clock radio. There is an ad running that Google has sold through ClearChannel.
615.jpg clock_small.jpg6:15am: I get up, take a shower and go to the home office to check my Gmail account.
645.jpg clock_small.jpg6:45am: Once the email is done I let the dogs outside and turn on the TV. There is a spot running placed by Google.
730.jpg clock_small.jpg7:30am: I start up the car and hear another ad placed by Google.
blog_outdoor.jpg clock_small.jpg7:45am: Driving to work I pass 5-10 ClearChannel billboards. Probably pretty likely Google will place ads on those as well.
800.jpg clock_small.jpg8:00am: I roll into work and sit down. Having stopped at Starbucks on the way in I open the paper to see what's happening in Cleveland. Again, more ads placed by Google here too.
830.jpg clock_small.jpg8:30am: I jump online, check Google News and my GMail acccount again.
900.jpg clock_small.jpg9:00am: I surf my favorite blogs, most of them have Google AdWords placed on them even in the feeds. I am reading those feeds with Google Reader.
945.jpg clock_small.jpg9:45am: I check my copy of AdAge and see a couple more ads placed by Google.
urinal.jpg clock_small.jpg10:00am: Finally! I am free from...damn...it's another Google SMS alert on my phone. No peace.
1010.jpg clock_small.jpg10:10am: I check the top clips on YouTube (Google owned). Hey, that's HeeHaw 1.1.
1030.jpg clock_small.jpg10:30am: I continue writing a client brief in Google Docs (formerly Writely).
1100.jpg clock_small.jpg11:00am: Head to the kitchen and see a couple of ads running on TV through the Dish Network which Google placed.
blog_carphone.jpg clock_small.jpg12:00pm: I'm heading to lunch now, but I can't find that new trendy sandwich shop. I ask Goog411 and get the address and phone number.
115a.jpg clock_small.jpg1:15pm: I am back at the office now and my phone vibrates again. I have new Gmail. I check it and respond from my phone.
130.jpg clock_small.jpg1:30pm: I am going to a meeting after work and I don't have the address yet. I turn to Google Maps and send the directions to my phone for easy access in the car.
230.jpg clock_small.jpg2:30pm: I take a break from work and veg out with an online racing game. Throughout the game are product placements and pre-rolls. Google places those too through AdScape. I wrecked and lost the game.
245.jpg clock_small.jpg2:45pm: I check my RSS feeds again through Google Reader. I go through about 150 feeds and post the best to my blog roll (it's embedded on the left column of my blog).
300.jpg clock_small.jpg3:00pm: I check on the stats for my blog over the past week using Google Analytics. Interesting to see where readers come from. Hello New Delhi!
315.jpg clock_small.jpg3:15pm: Just in surfing the web I come across 2 or 3 major sites that run Google for searching site content. MySpace is one of those.
445.jpg clock_small.jpg4:45pm: I see some display ads running on a couple of sites powered by DoubleClick's DART system. Google owns them now too. More on this development in a future post.
530.jpg clock_small.jpg5:30pm: One last check of my Gmail and I wrap up a blog post and head home.
600.jpg clock_small.jpg6:00pm: I get home, turn off the phone and sit on the couch with Copeland. Just then, the phone rings. Is that Google calling me? They certainly have my number.

As overwhelming as this may appear, I know I am missing things that Google offers. Leave me a comment with the other ways in which you are impacted by Google in your everyday life.

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