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Where do you blog from?

whereiblog.jpgIain Tait at his blog CrackUnit.com has a great post today. He's calling on bloggers to take a photo of the computer(s) they blog from. My work setup is pictured here. It's a very interesting look into the psyche of bloggers.

Per Iain:

I was thinking about how much you can tell about someone through their blog or website. Then for some reason I started thinking about where people blog and the machines that they use to blog. Do people with neat and tidy blogs (and thought processes) blog from neat and tidy desks? Do funny people have funny computers? Do techy people have super high tech rooms with loads of neon stuff?

I don’t know, but I’d like to find out. And there’s something sweetly voyeristic about it

So where do you blog from? Take a shot, upload it to Flickr and add it to the group 'computersbehindblogs'. It's interesting to see how many people blog from Macs (myself included). This is a great way to use a social network to bring people from other areas together to share common interests. Nice job Iain.

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