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Mobile marketing acceptance

Laura Marriott, Executive Director of the Mobile Marketing Association and ClickZ contributor, has a nice article on the growing consumer interest in mobile marketing. Some of their findings:

  • 48% increase in phone usage
  • 69% use text messaging, 44% use it daily
  • 16% have use TV voting
  • 25-34 year olds were most familiar with Common Short Codes
  • There was a 4% decrease in interest for marketing on phones
  • Youth are most receptive
  • Only 2% have engaged in any form of mobile marketing
  • Highest interest is in alerts, downloads and coupons (push on demand)

So, while marketers are going more and more to the mobile space, the reality is that it's a strategy in transition. Marketers who can find ways to engage customers on their devices which they are accepting of will take the lead. Marketers going to the pre-college market could make inroads for mainstream acceptance.

In the next week I will be posting a series of articles outlining what is happening in mobile and how marketers can make sure they're ready when their customers are. Stay tuned.

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