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Cingular will become AT&T Monday

Quick on the heels of the iPhone announcement and Apple's choice of Cingular as the sole carrier, AT&T is changing the company's name back to AT&T. This has been long rumored to happen and I'm sure somewhere at AT&T this move makes sense. Bringing back my grandmother's lovable, monster, corporate, anti-innovation name to a company who's brand stands for hip, innovative and individual and I think it's a poor decision.

Cingular had a leg up until this point. They had the individual, the thinker, the guy who wants the coolest phones. Now...I wonder how loyal people will stay. If I didn't have service through work I would go with Cingular. I would not go with AT&T no matter what. If it wasn't for the iPhone I would bet more and more people would begin switching as their contracts expire. Can the iPhone allow AT&T to maintain and grow market share? Time will tell.

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