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Finding your work, life, blog balance

Project_Triangle.gifIf you are familiar with project management theory, you know the "project management triangle". The triangle (see the diagram at the right) theory states that on the there are three forces in the outcome of a project and that they are dependent upon one another.

Those forces are Quality, Cost and Time. The theory states that you can have any combination of two of the forces in your favor, but the third will suffer. For example, you can have a project that is high quality with fast delivery, but you will pay higher costs for it. Similarly, you can have a project that delivers quickly at a low cost, but the quality will suffer.

I found this to be a great analogy for blogging (and others spending their free time in the social media space) as I work to pick up my level of posting here. So here is what life looks like when it is in balance. Note that work, personal life and the blog are in harmony. This is the ideal state to get to, but is extremely challenging to achieve. If you don't blog, this could represent your online activity on social networks or on Twitter, etc.


I try to maintain the time I dedicate to my family, so the next two diagrams only have two variables that change, blog and work. For me, those two forces compete for attention and are difficult to balance.

When work starts pushing, the blog has to give a little. Late nights, travel and work volume all play a role in how balance is maintained. I usually blog early in the morning or between 10pm and 1am. When you're working long hours, however you don't feel like staying up later than you have to.


Conversely, when the blog takes priority, work has to push a little. Obviously I am not shirking anything at work to blog, but some days the time is easier to find than others.


This post came from my proactive goal setting to get back here and to blog more often and re-engage as much as possible. I can't tell you how much I value your readership and absolutely feel stressed when I know I should write a post, but I can't keep my eyes open any longer. I have not moved to Twitter (as others claim to have done to explain their decreasing blog volume) this blog still gives me the most value and I hope you feel the same way.

More posts coming soon. Thanks for reading!

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