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Buzz Friday for November 16, 2007; mega edition

First//Look: Firebrand (beta)

Picture 7.pngWhat do you get when you take a great user interface, add in the biggest brands from around the world and pull in all of their best commercials? You get Firebrand. Firebrand is a site that uses commercials at the content. There is precedence for this in the mainstream media where every quarter there is a show in prime time called something like "Worlds Best Commercials". The Superbowl ads are highly anticipated. People do like to watch good commercials, but will they come to Firebrand? Time will tell.

The site is in a private beta, but I'm showing it to you today to get your input. Check out the video.

[Feedreaders, if you cannot see the video, please click through to the post.]

Here are a few of the commercials I saw/found on the site.

Some make me laugh:

Some make me emotional:

Some I just love to watch over and over:

Key takeaways:

  • Great interface for showcasing, searching and navigating video
  • Big brand representation gives immediate legitimacy
  • Social interaction is key to engagement
  • Co-branded promotions and contests could be a driver of traffic
  • Promos are not interruptive (as they should be)
  • This is the long-tail at work, niches like this have an audience you just have to find them
  • Content portability is crucial and well done. I can take it on my phone, iPod, blog, etc.
  • Tie-in with TV channel could help drive traffic to the web

Key questions:

  • What is the revenue model here? Outside of the brands sponsoring their clips or paying to get involved, I am not sure.
  • Will people come? This is the key question.

What do you think of the site? Will you visit it regularly or just every once in a while (or maybe never)? Do you think it has legs to stand on?

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