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Buzz Friday for September 14, 2007

Inside//Out: Our Threads

ourthreadLogo.jpgThe OurThreads concept is one that I've been waiting to emerge from this Web 2.0, community-centered era we're in. Social shopping. OurThreads serves a couple different audiences, but uses fashion as the common thread (pardon the pun). Our Threads allows users to add their favorite items to their virtual closet, surf other people's closets and favorite items and allows users to sell and trade clothing between each other.

Check out the video:

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What they're doing right:

  • Build on the social nature of shopping
  • Build on personal expression of fashion
  • Cool way to interact with other people interested in fashion
  • Nice personal commerce options and user-generated ads to buy/sell/trade
  • Interesting boutique shop tie-ins

Opportunity to improve:

  • The site needs a little more AJAX/Dynamic data to make the experience easier
  • Carry though the closet idea to make it more like real life
  • Make it easier to load in new items
  • Add social shopping sidebar to chat with others and get advice

Overall this is a great site for those interested in fashion and trends and it's still early in their release so I would foresee them making modifications as more content is added and more users jump on board. I'll keep an eye on them as time elapses.

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