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First//Look: dopplr (beta)

dopplr_logo.pngDopplr is a social network that I've been trying to join for a while, but invites have been few and far between. It's a highly focused, social travel site. Users plot their future travel plans and then share that information with their friends and family. The larger the network the more valuable this service will become. People in the same city at the same time (who would have previously missed each other) will be able to make arrangements to meet up. It's also a great way just to let people know where you are and where you're going. I know my mom would use that service to know where I am traveling.

Check out the video for a quick tour of dopplr.

[Feed readers click through if you cannot see the video.]

This is a hyper-targeted network with zero advertising. I am not sure what the business model is to keep things moving forward, but the geo-targeting and personalized marketing options here are huge. I do think that for dopplr to reach it's full potential they should build out onto other networks. I would find it easier to use if I could log into Facebook or MySpace or Bebo and find my existing friends instead of trying to re-add my network by hand.

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